Mr. Ramanaiah. V.


Our Chairman, Mr. Ramanaiah. V. was a first-generation entrepreneur and carries an experience of 40+ years in the manufacturing industry. His expertise lies in the development and deployment of turnkey solutions to an industry, right from design, engineering, installing and commissioning. Mr. Ramanaiah. V. was the co-founder of a machinery manufacturing company and was associated with it for nearly 15 years. Under his leadership, he spearheaded the growth of the company from a few thousand dollars during the inception year to a multi-million-dollar industry at the time of his exit.

Mr. Ramanaiah. V. since then has ventured into the sustainable energy industry, pursuant to a paradigm shift in several domestic & international government / private initiatives on providing countries with long term sustainable energy solutions.


Mr. Harikishan. V. R.

Founder & Director

Mr. Harikishan. V. R., holds a Master’s Degree from one of the most reputed institutes in the world. Following his keen insights into new & developing technologies combined with an emerging demand for sustainable energy in India and around the world - resulted in the birth of Yana® Solar.

Mr. Harikishan. V. R. has always been steadfast in his involvement and promotion of green energy solutions and is determined to make green energy a part of every sector.


Mr. Giriraja

General Manager-Finance

Mr. Giriraja has more than a decade’s of experience in Banking, Finance, M&A, Contract negotiation, strategic planning, budgeting, taxation. He has previously worked with leading engineering industry & export house. He brings with him a cumulative experience of over 30 years from multi-faceted industry types. He now heads the Finance department at Yana Solar as General Manager-Finance.